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Warren G - Dope beat lyrics

[Chorus x2]
I need a dope beat, a dope beat
Just holler at your boy named Warren G (I wanna)
A dope beat (with my), a dope beat
Just holler at your boy named Warren G.

Y'all know me, the G from the 213
LBC, Regulatin, skatin' on all them Dayton's

Bankin' back on them singles
With the Henney's and the Jimmy's
Like I'm all tall, short, and like dark, thick and skinny
I'm a ladies' man, Mercedes and
Proper ice, livin' nice, as far as gravy stands
Ain't nuttin' changed, me and Snoop's still the same
Plus Nate droppin' weight with the classic thang
Now I remember way back, at the bachelor set
Slip my brother, Dre, Snoopa tape it, put it in the deck
The party started bangin' and they both shook hands
And made it legitimate for the G-Funk Fans
Now after that, they hit the top when The Chronic dropped
Remember 187 on the m*********' cop (I wanna)
It's Still A G Thang (with my), where we hang and claim
East Side 'til I die, or I rise to fame