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Vivienne Medrano
- Moxxie bad trip (helluva boss) lyrics

No, what? How could this be?
I've never tried acid, shrooms, or DMT
I'ts a bad trip, oy gevalt!
Of course, Blitz, this would be your fault!.

[Verse 2: Moxxie]
My lungs are full of honesty
Would you promise me
That you won't judge?.

[Verse 1: Blitz]
Yes, b___h~.

[Verse 3: Moxxie]
Not trying to divulge too much
But I'm in too deep
So first of all~
F__K YOU!.

[Verse 2: Blitz]

[Verse 4: Moxxie]
This is just typical
Well, two can play at this game of dismay
'Cuz if you're here causing frustration
I'm torturing you with your hallucination
[Verse 5: Moxxie]
Why do you hurt me so?.

[Verse 3: Blitz]
I know~.

[Verse 6: Moxxie]
Why must you push your friends away?.

[Verse 4: Blitz]
I push my friends away.

[Verse 7: Moxxie]
Why does it seem like a recurring thing
That you alienate with your toxic routine?.

[Verse 6: Blitz]
I don't know, eventually everyone goes.

[Verse 8: Moxxie]

'Cuz you're thoughtless and cruel, and you'll end up alone!.

[Verse 7: Blitz]
Why, Moxxie, why
Have you held your true feelings inside?
[Verse 9: Moxxie]
I am scared of rejection.

[Verse 8: Blitz]
Why Moxxie why
Do you have Millie put it in your butt?.

[Verse 10: Moxxie]
It gives me an e*****-

[Verse 11: Blitz]
No need to hide
We accept your true feelings, so promise me.

[Verse 11: Moxxie]
That I can do
To be true.

[Verse 12: Blitz]
The world is your a**, so peg it with honesty
I've been a jacka_s, it's true.

[Verse 12: Moxxie]
You've been a jacka_s, it's true
[Chorus: Moxxie & Blitz]
But soon as we're back as ourselves
I will be a better friend
Than I was before.

[Verse 13: Moxxie]
Be better at speaking my mind~.

[Chorus: Moxxie & Blitz]
And together we can begin to become.. Fi-ine