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Unknown - Let's have a georgia honeymoon lyrics

(Carter Benson / Bobby Lee, 1916).

When I hear those wedding chimes
It makes me think of happy times,
Let me take you, glad they'll make you,
Way down in Savannah town.
Honey pack your trunk and things,
Let's go price some diamond rings.
Just received the word today;
Listen what the home folk says:.

Dear, the roses are a bloom,
I can smell their sweet perfume,
Birds are singing, bells are ringing,
Here's the message that they bring,
Love me honey, love me long,
Life with you is like a song.
Let me rest up on your breast down in
Dixie Loving nest.

Come down, why don't you
Come down,
Why don't you
Come on down to old Savannah.
Be there, oh honey see there old Aunt Mandy in her red bandanna;
When the preacher joins you hand in hand,
They're going to serenade you with a big brass band.
Come down, why don't you come down
Let's have a Georgia Honeymoon.