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Umberhulk - Stalin the burly lyrics

-Verse 1-
He came to us on devil's wings. From the east was where he hailed
He pays homage to no man or beast. He cannot be found... Evil has no face
You try to cage him and you pay the price
He made a deal with the devil – not once but thrice

Don't ever think that he's your friend – watch out as he extends his hand
They say that stealth is his weapon and the dagger his only friend
He covered it in poison as he extends his left hand

-Verse 2-
You'd better watch him – he won't ever let you go
A dwarven fighter his only friend, he'd just as soon slit your throat
A mighty battle fought, but not from within
He knows exactly what to do – kill you to win


When he sees that shiny golden prize – he will kill to get it and he doesn't care who dies

Beware that shadow that's beyond your site
Out beyond your view – beyond the firelight
An assassin creeping unseen and unheard
Garrote and blinding powder – a dagger unfurled

-Verse 3-
He thinks that life is just for him to rape and pillage in the name of his deity
The goddess Sue in the city of Cleavage. He destroys in worship – he is the death shaman
Who is this demon – walking among the good
He is an evil unlike any that you have heard



His will is his own – he bows to one
He is mother f***g Stalïn the Burly, son

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