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Umberhulk - Dungeon master lyrics

-Verse 1-
Dungeon Master calls my name - I call you to play the game
Dungeon Master sets the stage - A ravaged land and an evil mage
Trade your doubt for a sharp blade or go back to the fields!
What is our quarry? What is our plan? - Defeat the dark horde in the Northern Lands
Can we succeed in your demands? - Just follow me with sword in hand

Dungeon Master X2

-Verse 2-
Your quest begins, cleanse the dragon's lair - Skin the beast. Take all that is there!
A captured scroll will lend a clue - On to the castle, run the villain through
Let your fear guard you, you must never give in!
His numerous warriors will hold you back - I'll rally the peasants & lead the attack
The day will be bloody, but we must prevail - Widows and children will remember your tale

Dungeon Master X4

Dungeon Master, will I give in to sin? - I will do my best to lure you in
Why hath God laid this burden on me? - Is this not God's answer to your mortal plea?


-Verse 3-
The gates are broken, let our forces advance - A courtyard ambush may foil your plans
Make a bridge of the corpses, do not relent - A warrior's code allows no lament
The heart of darkness may still destroy you!
A sorcerer lies in wait, his power great - My brethren have fallen, consumed by this hate
I will avenge my brothers, run this villain through - You may now rest easy for your sword strikes true

Flee now warrior and live another day - I'll fight the good fight and live the warrior's way
But the warrior's life, it knows no rest - Then I'll fight by the sword until I dïe by the sword!

Dungeon Master X8

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