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- Out of the cradle lyrics

It's not a place
It's a yearning
It's not a race
It's a journey.

It's not an act
It's attraction
It's not a style
It's an action.

It's a dream for the waking
It's a flower touched by flame
It's a gift for the giving
It's a power with a hundred names.

Surge of energy, spark of inspiration
The breath of love is electricity
Maybe time is bird in flight

Endlessly mocking
Here we come out of the cradle
Endlessly rocking
Endlessly rocking.

It's a hand
That rocks the cradle
It's a motion
That swings the sky
It's method on the edge of madness
It's a balance on the edge of a knife
It's a smile on the edge of sadness
It's a dance on the edge of life.

Endlessly rocking