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Ruff Endz - I'm not just saying that i'm feeling that lyrics

There are times when i look at you
I realize i'm blessed as a man
To have you in my life.

1 - oh, there are times when i look at you
I acknowledge that you are the most beautiful love
For view
And i'm not just saying that, i'm feeling that
From my heart.

And no, there is no other girl quite like you
No matter how many times we love
It still feels brand new
And i'm not just saying that, i'm feeling that
From my heart.

Listen baby
Everytime i look at you
Cupid sends an arrow straight through my heart
It's the kind of feelin' that makes you feel real
When you know you're in love
Words cannot contemplate
Just how good you are in bed
Baby, can you do what you did to me again?
You look so sexy, my mind can't comprehend.

Repeat 1.

I can't help it when i touch your body
I just lose my self control
Can you see it in my eyes?
Your body's got me so hypnotized
I'd do anything you want me to
Give you anything you choose, yeah
Everything you need is right here with me
All that matters is that you are mine.

Repeat 1.

From my heart
You're amazing
Everytime i get a glimpse of you
I think about the love we made
And how it was (so good)
Let me tell you baby, if you were
Cuz i want you now, and i need you now
And i'm not just saying that baby.

See you're what i need most in my life
Every morning, every evening, every day and every
Let me tell you girl, that you rock my world
You're a supernatural miracle
And i'm not just saying that.

Repeat 1 to fade