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Prince Royce
- Addicted lyrics

Verse 1:
Sleeping in, Sunday morning,
Bodies intertwined,
Playing fake, we're awake
But we don't wanna rise,
I saved a place on my chest
For you to rest your head on me,
A part of me is a mess,
I must confess,
Is time to come clean.

I am addicted to your touch,
No other woman's made me want it this much,
I cannot resist the warmth of your hips,
A single serving's never enough
Cause I'm addicted to your touch.

Verse 2:
My schedule is yours today,
I'm not in a rush,
You could be my little coffee bean
And I will be the moon,
Let's rent a movie tonight and snuggle up inside,
And when the credits arrive,
I'll be by your side,
Letting you know.


I want your neck, I want your shoulders,
I want to be the only one to hold ya,
I want your legs, I want your arms,
I wanna be inside your heart,
If I don't have you next to me,
I'll probably lose my sanity,
I am hooked on you addicted.

Chorus: (2x)