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Oxymoron - Dead end generation lyrics

It's the same old game, but you can't keep up
You mouth is gonna cry, but they wanna keep it shut
What do you expect in this break down age?
Spit out mate and give vent to your rage.

The course you're trying is a vacant lot
One day soon you'll end up with a shot
As a member of the dead-end youth
You're sick of the games they're gonna play on you.


Dead end generation - oh wake up
You're just another faction - oh wake up
Dead end generation - oh wake up
Sick of the situation - oh wake up.

The scene is set for a marching up
There's no way back and forward is a concrete gap
You won't get out if you smash your head against the wall
So stand your ground and you aint gonna fall
Don't let them kick in your head, or grind you down
Spit out, give vent to your rage, and trust nobody