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Orthanc - Till the victory lyrics

Glory rides on our swords
Flags are proudly flutters high
Let's roar the battle horns
Before the storm to enemies side
We'll fight 'till victory
We came to rape your saints
We scorch across the world
As whirlwind on the warflames.

Like a fire flow we fall on foes

By the melting snow of newborn spring
Mother Earth will snake to bones
Morning will be broken by the screams
We didn't never stopped on way
Drive the foes to the mountain high
And we'd throw off them from cliffs
Rock was turned to red by the strange blood.

Punishment and pain
We're judgement of all times
On junction of starways
We had bonded in bloodline
See the sign of war
With rise of Northern star
Patricians of the world
Are waiting their hour.

Seeds of war had growed for ages
From abyss of ancient oceans to light
Friends went under our flags
Through the fog of early spring cold night
Next day will terminate the lie
Waves of steel go out from stained shores
Battle smoke will shut the sun
And return pride and grace to the my land