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Orphaned Land - Birth of the three lyrics

Artist Lyrics: Orphaned Land
Lyrics for Song: Birth Of The Three (The Unification)
Lyrics for Album:
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The seventh had seven descendants
The seventh was then divided into three
They were given their first symbols
They bore the faces of animals
A Snake, an Eagle & the Lion

The first was known as magic
and he bore an enchanted heart
A Star of David upon his crest
was his eternal mark

The second was strength,
half a moon was he
A triangle he adorned,
a sword for all to see

The third was Lion widom,
a mind unmatched
Represented by the cross,
the white was his essence
A crystal his defense

The three were one, divided as rebirth
Forbidden to unite,
for fear of their strength

The divine order was ignored

the three then became one
Their punishment was swift
they were denied and then cast down
A thousand incarnations passed
the time was now at hand
A prophecy fulfilled so;
he may save this sinful land

As jobe bore the sins of all men
who walk the land
They must bear the cross
as was their commands
The secon unification of the angels Seven
Three human souls, merged,
as in heaven

The lion's roar was heard by all
The magic and the force have heard
The will to prophesize was theirs
The cross shook the hammering of nails

Omen in the darkened skies above
Thunder, lightning and rain did flow
As the united angel rose
Ice steamed and fire froze
And the three were born...

The seventh had seven descendants
The seventh was then divided ïnto three
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