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Origin - Inhuman lyrics

Synthetic rearrangement
Breeding within all our minds
Genetically hybrid new creature
Destroying all our lives and oblivious to cries
Dead, you are buried, lives crushed, all is gone
Screams of the dying and those that are lost
Rotting dead flesh is now food for the flies
Sickening horror, internal demise
The deadest eyes are staring forth, seething, endless fear
Impervious to any feeling, cleansing, purified
A holocaust beyond proportion, we all die
The outcome of the sick distruction, new forms will appear.

Plague of inhumanity, foretold prophecy of the darkest destiny
Nourished, the lost cause of man, we are nullified
Destroy the whole world we know, their domain will grow.

Enhanced transgenic brutal beings
Of our image, eliminate, flawed humans
Perfection, synthetic breeding
Lost convictions, blood will soak all the earth
New god, inhuman majesty
Ultimate, merciless, nothing left to destroy
No god, unforseen butchery
Living feed off the dead, blood has soaked all the earth
Fleeing ones are crushed and tortured
Souls devoured, suffocate, putrid waste
Predator beyond all hatred
Loathing, soulless, extinction, devastate
No god, inhuman master race
Decimate all with hate, our blood seeps through the earth
No god, silencing everything.

Order reigns through the earth, no one left, no one found
Insane monstrous rage for the crimes of humans
Days were always numbered, now we know the way.

The human genome is erased
With the lies and all the weakness in life
Instinctively, ridding the imperfections
The barren new earth has now been purified
Dead, you're now buried
All is crushed, all is lost
The blood soaked lands now devoid of man
Unaware of the new dawn still left to begin