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Oratory - New quest lyrics

Sailing right through the skies
we're gonna fly higher
in search of peace and freedom
a new quest waits for us
adventures and glory
a new world to live in.

Storming days full of darkness in our hearts
we need a better faith.

Against time we are running to avoid
the end of human life
We'll search the Universe
a new empire we'll raise.

Once again, a great journey we'll start
ahead to the unkown.

The universe is calling for us
peacful worlds are waiting
we'll sail to the Universe
a new empire we'll raise.

Fearless sailors are riding to the sky
a new Eden they'll find.

The end of darkness will be getting close
the sun will shine again
we'll rule the universe
a new empire we'll raise.

"Quão doce é o louvor e a justa glória
Dos próprios feitos, quando são soados!
Qualquer nobre batalha que em memória
vença ou iguale os grandes já passados;.

AS enjevas da ilustre e alheia história
fazem mil feitos sublimados
Quem valerosas obras exercita,
Louvor alheio muito o esperta e incita"