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Low Life
- Paddle out lyrics

Paddle out, out to sea
You're safer on the edge than when in between Lost your faith, had to leave Gathered up your things, then you came to me Chance of life, or better death All of us are here 'cause we have nothing left Fight the wind, against the waves Haunted by the ones that we couldn't save.

I say we're not so far away
Try to forget how far we've gone
Can't close my eyes these eternal days
Hard to sleep in neverending sun.

I wish the rain would come and slap me in my face To pull me up or throw me off for my sake.

Night and day, alternate
Nothing ever happens nothing ever changes Scream at God, curse his name I made the promise I'm the one to blame Chance of life, or better death I'd rather lose it all then face whatever's next Paddleout, out to sea I would chance hell just deliver me.

Paddle out, out to sea
All I ever promised was a destiny
Chance of life, we'll fight till death
We will not say that there's nothing left Ships wreck, people die But that's how you get to the other side Paddle out, and if you follow me The last thing we drink won't be the sea