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Low Life
- Moonshine lyrics

And the moon it wants to give me away
And my God wants me to pray
I hate Communists for being red
I hate these voices up in my head.

I don't ever wanna wake, and find myself awake I don't ever wanna die, and find myself already dead I don't ever wanna love, and find myself in love When every single day's the same, and I guess that's great.

I think the walls in here are caving in Did they just say something and touch my skin Why wont this picture just answer me Be my friend tonight don't let me sleep.

Got me looking for more
Got me tired and poor
I was passed out on the floor
I'll just drink more moonshine.

I feel my neck is stroked by the clocks big hands I sip my coffee but I am drinking sand I won't be mummified in satin sheets Because I know my life is better than my dreams