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Low Life
- In my bed lyrics

Rainbow, let's walk down to the store with your Pot of gold, if you buy me one more bottle I will Love you so, but I've got nothing to invest Sadly After sunset, won't you meet me for a drink In my bed, we'll fall in love fall asleep then Forget, the things we should forget.

Let's get lost, I don't care how much it costs We'll paint the city blurry till we get real crossed We'll be wherever we are.

Get your coat, we can talk while
we're walking but we gotta go
and if you move too slow you know
the store will close its doors
and I don't want to make that mistake.

You're the sweepstakes winner, now collect You're the beauty pagent queen that I select Zip off your boots spit out your gum Just because you're pretty doesn't make you dumb.

Babe do you not love me anymore?
I just bought myself a nice new place next door Babe do you not love me anymore?
I have chained myself I'm chained to your front porch.

Damn day I never thought I'd hear the words I heard you say And not behind my back you said them to my face Tears well up in my eyes Sunshine we'll get past these tough times Hold on for the big ride Because bumpy it could get.

Jump on in, the water's nice
Let's get buck and turn out the lights
We can sit and talk awhile
Will you make me breakfast if I make you smile