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Low Life
- Four walls lyrics

Dandelion pastures where wind blows seeds scatter All across this sweet bye and bye No lights make it darker when they shut off our water We'll stroll to the sea at sunrise.

Long winding beaches the sunshine conceals us And no one can reach us for miles Lost in the desert hanging out in t-shirts Thumbing down rigs for a ride.

Well I might not take you there
I just want to make that clear.

Blue skies cover green hills sipping moonshine from gin stills Looking for a good place to hide Ice storms and snow drifts cold feet and chapped lips We must've gone west and turned right.

This is where I call home
Got four walls and a burning stove
Can't buy you gold when push comes to shove All you'll have around your neck is my love.

I'm not working from nine to five
Got some money you've put aside
With any luck we'll get to see Graceland one day.

Spend all day driving taking in horizons So many that we've left behind We'll be together we're so f***g cleaver Off into the sunset we'll ride