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Low Life
- Bag of money lyrics

I grabbed the last of it and headed for the door Keep your hands on your heads and keep your faces to the floor I check my watch as seconds keep on ticking buy I try to leave but the she looks me in the eye She asks me "where you goin can I come? "
I said "I just robbed you are you dumb? "
She smiles and says there's nothing for me here I heard the sound of sirens getting near.

Let's leave our lives behind,
A bag of money and the still running
No time for acting shy
Losing time with the cop cars coming.

Take a plane, to fly away
Catch a train, cuz it leaves today
I'm going away, with the girl I robbed today And a bag of money.

I looked her up and down and saw that she was fine Pencil curves and it was me that draws the line I'm thinking of the years way down the road Me and her in Acapulco I blink my eyes and someone taps me on the back jack "put your gun down what you got there in that sack? "
I laughed and said "I gotta go away"
I haven't heard from her since that day