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Lost In Tears
- Vanity lyrics

Save you sorry s***t for others
Shut your mouth and leave me be
You're standing lower on the ladder
A hundred steps behind of me
You're standing in the shallow water
When I've been washed out to sea
So don't you even bother
Speak that nonsense to my ear.

[pre chorus]
Although you mourn today and shed a thousand tears
A smile will soon appear
Although you mourn today I know you'll laugh tomorrow
So let me drown in my sorrow.


Wake up from you dream
Wake up and see reality
Wake up from your sleep
And see the martyrs bleed.

Don't complain you've lost your fortune
To me who's never had a dime
And don't you brag about your actions
To me who's victim of you crime
Don't you cry about a blister
To me who's lost my entire life
Don't say: "I can not take it no longer"
When it's my wrist on the knife.

[pre chorus].


Hysteria and dysphoria