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Lollipop Lust Kill
- Can't get away lyrics

Moving on without a care
I always made them cry
Untill I met the girl so fair
Then my summertime died.

Her lullaby a wicked one
Fall asleep and die
When she opens up her door
You will go inside.


She thrilled me, She killed me
All with a bat of her eye
She used me up and put me away
I met her in my summertime
Now Im here to stay
i cant get away.

Cross her path and she will tempt you

But dont believe the lie
Her care for life has been exempted
Shed rather watch you die.

Shes a creature of the cold
Dead girl breathing dust
Preying on the weak of soul
Taking what she must.


I died in my summertime.

Finger nails of razorblades
Teeth of cold steel
Body made in heaven
ANd a mind thats straight from hell.