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Lock Up
- Dead sea scroll deception lyrics

Heading for corruption
No spirit or conscience
A bloodbath in waiting
On the threshold of peace.

Sabotage the history
Soak the pain in apathy
Hide the toll of misery
Camouflage democracy.

Heading for corruption
they prostitute the suffering
And bury our impulse
To see through the shame.

Shatter their dependency
Massacre maliciously
Infiltrate stupidity

Murder their prosperity.

Spokesmen - the shallow eyes leer
Invoking - a structure of fear
Applauding - the hidden regime
Denouncing - logical schemes.

Heading for corruption - the tears of disbelief
Sanity - smothered
Heading for corruption - the source and the catalyst
Insanity - swallowed.

Dead sea scroll deception
Dead sea scroll deception.