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Song Lyrics >> K >> KR >> Krayzie Bone >> Silent warrior

Krayzie Bone - Silent warrior lyrics

(Intro) 2x
Pump your fist if you're with me
Pump your fist up if you're with me
Artillery, yeah
Pump your fist up if you're with me
Let us be victorious, be victorious

(Skit) 2x
Hut 1, Hut 2, Hut 3, Hut, Hut, Hut, Hut

Silent warrior here's the story
Silent warrior listen to the story

(Verse 1)
The world war has begun
We're gettin ready to fight
And if you win or either die
Then don't become an outsider
Spittin fire, fire baby
With plenty ammunition (ammunition)
And nigga I've been waitin for this
Payback is a bitch
And the bitch is on the period figure
You got niggas with attitude behind the trigger
Steady we be pumpin our fist and
Black fatigues we don't surrender
You wanna deal with us
Gettin ready for split us come and get us
And when you come get us
Remember bitch you gots to kill us
And you can surely believe that I
I'm bringin all my ammunition with me tonight

Crooked coppers tryin to kill us everywhere
Cause we won't get the mark of the beef
NO, not me
Stay silent warrior
Silent warrior

(Chorus) 3x
silent warrior here's the story
silent warrior listen to the story

(Verse 2)
Ready to get for combat
When we aim the bomb at we usely contact
Heated heavily buckin steadily lay 'em all flat
You m*********s I repeat: retreat
With plenty heat you'll be defeated
OHHHHH, them bloody murder, murder baby
Silent situation
Is always the perfect assassination
Now to the graveyard nigga where your braveheart, you play hard
Now it's time for me to break march and take charge
We journey to the killing fields
Where the murder and the s***t is real
OH Lord, sweet Lord, sweet Lord, sweet Lord, sweet Lord
Comin' forth to carry me home (me home, me home)

Silent warrior here's the story
Silent warrior lïsten to the story
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