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Krayzie Bone - Paper lyrics

The world, the world, the world, is very different now...

Everybody wants some paper. [I want some.] Niggas fightin' over paper. [I know you want some.] And when you die, I can bet you [You will die.] ya died tryin' to get some paper. [I can bet you will die.]
Shame, shame...

Ain't life a f***d up game without the green? Mighty, mighty dollar bill y'all [bill y'all] have you sinnin', eventually in a coffin one day. But you can't knock the hustle, niggas got bills to pay. Struggle and strive, I'm tryin' to stay alive, but in meantime I'm a get mine. Everything'll be fine, when I can eat and get high. I mean eat when I want to; purchase some weed and have a place to P. O. D. when I want to. But tryin' to make the paper ain't the only worry. I gotta keep my glock cocked--niggas be plottin' on me, tryin' to hurt me. So I stop, and nigga, "What's up? I'm in a hurry. " No time for conversations with niggas that's thinkin' to murder me. But I pin 'em everytime [everytime]. Time after time they try, but you can be deceased. No more, your life. Friends is usually your foes. You know you're just lïke everybody, I trust nobody.

'Cause everybody want the paper.
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