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Krayzie Bone - Freaks lyrics

PLAY 'N SKILLZ (f/ Adina Howard & Krayzie Bone) LYRICS


[Chorus-Adina (Krayzie)]
(The World has to many freaks)
If your really want me,
If you really need me
We can make love
(The World has to many freaks)
If your really want me,
If you really need me
We can make love
(The World has too many freaks)
I can freak you in the morning, freak you in the evening, freak you late at night
(The World has too many freaks)
I can freak you on the counter, freak you on the table, freak you right now cause
I can't wait to see you later

[Play N Skillz]
I wanna lick, lick ya, naw, none of that To the bedroom, give me head room
Straight to the point, my time to clown
Let you know from the gate, I don't go down town
Too many freaks that'll please me, I'm that playa you better believe
I'm playin on cheese but I guarantee that I still got a freak everyday of the week
How I love the feelin' when your dealin' with someone
Pumpin' them holes in your body all night long
My keep gets bigger when your givin' me dome
And I get a little Krayzie when it's time to
Bone and I like that you think that I was one of a kind
It enlights me to think that flow was grand
Seperate the great from the weak, the freaks I would never hate,
I love all my freaks but I never know when I'm a ****
Let her to know that gotta lot of dough, she ain't gotta know
Take her to the room, I don't need ya boys, but I might need mouth to provide tha moist
Didn't think that ya had it right 'til I met your needs and you swallowedmy seeds
And now I see why I choose one freak when...

[Chorus-Adina (Krayzie)]

I done been around the whole wide world,
I done been so many places, seen many different faces
Met girls, girls, nasty girls, real bad girls chasin' this platinum world
Run around behind me and my s***t
Say they really wanna get me high.
They wanna spend some time with a thug then get freaky with it
In a hot-tub thuggin' gettin' weeded with it, we get P. O. D a little
Turn off the lights and come on, right here with me, here with me...
Take off all yo' clothes, yo' clothes...
And freak me baby, baby...

[Chorus-Adina (Krayzie)]

[Play N Skillz]
(Uh... she, Uh... she, Uh...)
You gets nothin' from me
Ma, you just ah, not a Gucci, no Prada
I hollar at the chicks that I'm mackin' down hit then I pass, it's a hand-me-down
Said I been around the world, I uh, been hated on for the thangs I got
But I don't come for man, I just f***k the man
Talk real fine then f***k her man (Mmm...)
And I love the girls that I bone, bone, bone
Call me up when she all alone, she good with the dome
She ride for the llell' she'll take my pride she'll take my llell'
You don't play, I'm the playa to call, all you get is a little Cris-style
Close the ****
You know my style;
Coke bottle frame with a Kodak smile
Straight with the cheese, and we still got the beats,
I'm straight to the point, I'm straight to thesheets
Why'd I choose one freak when the...

[Chorus-Adina (Krayzie)]

Whoo... I take my t-shirt and my panties off, oh-oh...
Come to freak me...
We can do it anywhere you like ïn the shower (shower...)
On the counter (counter...) every hour... (hour)
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