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Kalafina - Lirica-english lyrics

If the moonlight
touched your face
I would kiss you
like tears
like the proof of life

The silence resounds
my heart is trembling
still my passion is deeply, limitlessly

The yarning fingertips
take on your shape
night finally comes untied
and I start believing in consolation

The rumbling of the sea echoes
the missed sky far away

my passion is deeply, limitlessly
going inside the vertigo

(dominus stuto santia tosa lia mifia mita isore
ita sorta mia mi deta martia mita soma midia ii)

(kastimia arta mideto i mate i mi adioso
mistioso morti kadesa i canta i miaru)

Someday everything
with take on your shape
until the time it returns
to the same single shadow

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