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Gloomy Grim - Ocean of candles lyrics

I went to the Shadow World
To seek the Truth
They called me to Join Them.

When I entered in
Their Gloomy Hall of Death,
The Ocean of Candles burnt bright.

I opened the Gates of Sorrow and Pain
And I knew I wasn't there in vain.

Join us..

Come inside, The Master of ALL
Is waiting.

[chorus :]
You are welcomed to The Kingdom of Death
This is what you have been waiting for.

Here you will be Eternally
My son, this will be all yours.

My son, this all will be yours,
But now you will have to go back
To the earth to spread Our Message.

NO, I don't want to go
Back to the earth
I want to master all this
And torture the christian souls.


So, They put me back to the earth
And I will keep my Promise to Them.

I will spread the Message of The Masters,.


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