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Dream - Reality (interlude) lyrics

Ashley: So D who was that girl next to your man today?
Diana: It was his next door neighbor
Ashley: His next door neighbor D?
Diana: Yeah..
Holly: C'mon, now you're not gonna like buy that?
Diana: Well, I mean, yeah, because, yeah.
Ashley: D, he's a liar, he's been playing you this whole time

Diana: No he hasn't.
Ashley: D, who hangs out with their new next door neighbor at the mall?
Holly: Without telling their girlfriend. Like, "oh yeah I'm just gonna go to the mall, I think she'll think it's cool.
Ashley: Exactly.
Holly: I don't think so.
Diana: Well, I trust him.
Melissa: Well you have trusted him, and he obviously, I mean he left you, to go with her. Doesn't that tell you something.
Ashley: Hold on, time out, time out, you're gonna believe this D?
Diana: Well, what else should I believe?

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