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- He loves u not lyrics

He loves me, He loves you not.
He loves me, He loves me not.
He loves me, He loves YOU not.

Give it your all girl, give it all ya got.
Take your chance at a second hand shot.
Say what you want girl, Do what you do.
He's never gonna, gonna make it with you.

Pulling petals off a flower trying to get your way.
Keep pulling til' it says what you want it to say.
Girl you can pick a field full of daisies,
But he'd still be my baby.
Instinctively, I know what you're thinking,
You'll be giving him an open invitation,
But my baby won't be taken in.

You can pout your cherry lips,
Try to tend him with a sweet kiss.
You can flutt your pretty eyes,
He ain't got his hands tied.