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- He loves me, he loves you lyrics

Give it all girl
give it all you got
you can take your chance
and give your best shot
say what you want girl
it ain't gonna do
he's never gonna make it with you.

Your pullin pedals off a flower tryin' get your way
keep pullin till it says what you want to say
girl you could pick a field full of daisy's
but he'll still be my baby
i know you can hardly wait till i'm away from him
instinctivly i know what your thinkin
you can give him an open invitation
but my baby won't be takin it.

1) you can lick your cherry lips
try to tempt him with a sweet kiss
you can flirt your pretty eyes,
but he ain't got his hands tied.

no chains to unlock, so free to do what he wants, he's into what he's got (and
that's me)
he loves me, he loves you not.

your the kinda girl whose always up for 2-a-day.
only want him just because he's there
always lookin for a new ride
the grass is greener on the other side
your the kinda girl whose not use to hearin no
all your lovers try to take you where you want to go
doesn't matter how hard you try
your never gonna make it with my guy.


till fade