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Busta Rhymes - No half steppin ft. sharissa lyrics

[Busta Rymes]
Track Masters, Keep it Movin, Mo Town, Sharissa Where You At?.

Just About to say im sorry for being late
But I cant say nothing (uh huh)
The acusations
You gripe and you complain
You always mad about somthing (uh huh)
You'd be whilin out if you knew i had packed my things
But i aint saying nothing
The decision of a life time
I'm having second thoughts about you for the last time.

Maybe its all good that its come down to this (and maybe its all good)
Before we bought the house the cars before we Had any kids (no need to bring no kids into this)
Knowing this is a mistake (ooo) that ill regret much later
But boy you just think out what it takes
for you to be my lover.

if you're gonna love love me love me all the way completly
baby no half steppin (no half steppin)
give me give me what it takes to make me feel
baby no half steppin (to make me feel that its real)
if you gonna leave baby leave today (if your leavin, leavin)
aint got no time to waste this love on no one
who dont need it (who dont need it)
dont no what to do with it.

checking my pager
scrolling down my caler id
like trust aint a factor
when all the while baby you were cheating on me
did you regret the morning after?
even tho you had distendicies from the start of this thing
i thought i could change you
you made it easy to decide that theres no way i could ever be your wife.



(uh sharissa where you at uh uh sharissa where you at).