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- Her painful dreams of suicide lyrics

Every night she dreams the same
Haunted by a shadow again and again
Captured and lost in a giant mace
There is no way to flee.

She begs not to fall asleep
And she prays to god to set her free
She is so afraid to see
The shadow she fears is me.

You think you're living
I know you're dead
I am the madman in your head.

Did you not know
You don't live twice
I am the secret behind your eyes.

Do you wanna hold on crying
for the rest of your life?
Everyday seems to be the same
Quitting this life stops the dying
There is nothing left to win.

After endless nightmares she lies weeping in her bed
A blade in her hand, her nightdress is turning red
Her skin becomes paler in this cold and stormy night
This is the end of all her painful dreams of suicide