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- Whatever it is i don't care lyrics

you call me up all the time
you're just trying to make me cry
what the f*ck did i ever do to you
for all this sh*t you gotta put me through
you think it's funny but the joke's on you
i already know what i'm gonna do
i don't care i don't care anyway
you called me up on the phone
told me that you're all alone
told me that you're sad i'm gone
but i'm the one who's moving on
it's stupid it's silly it's so plain to see
i no longer want your company
you can tell all your friends that you thing i'm lame
or you can go die it's all the same

you must think you're livin in a tv show
what i saw in you baby i don't know
you aint breaking my heart
but you're making me sick
i've heard so much of your sh*t
but i don't care don't care what you say
you wrote to me the other day
feelin bad cause i gone away
you know i don't care what you say
i know you're useless anyway
you don't matter anymore
now it's over you're out the door
don't come crying to me
just go away
whatever it is, I DON'T CARE