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504 Boyz - Intro lyrics

Master p: yo silk where you at nigga?
Silk the Shocker: I"m right here nigga whas' happenin'?
Master p: Nigga they be some bustaz that be after us, ya heard
Mystikal: Say nigga what you mean bustaz?
Master p: Man nigga these bustaz tryina hate us and s***t
Mystikal: S***, nigga we'll take they a*ses out
Master p: Nigga you know it

Rap 1 (Master p)
Yo i aint gon' let no busta jump me
ima knock his a*s on tha floot before he can plead
that nigga gonna hit so bad he gon' bleed
s***t yall niggaz best beleive me

uh huh
hell yeah 504 is here
bustin up niggaz that dont give a f***k
bustin up niggaz that wont give it up

(Silk the Shocker)
nigga i had to put up wit this s***t before
and s***t nigga this f***kin bulls***t aint gon happen no more
i beat yo motherf***kin a*s you w****e
so dont kock at my motherf***kin door

(lil romeo)

romeo right here
them bustaz actin queer
when i break the beer
and i shoot da deer
they aint come near
cuz i am here

them niggaz aint got s***t
them niggaz aint got it
them niggaz actin pretty stupid
them niggaz tryina make some new s***t

Rap 2
ima kill yall hataz thas fo fure
you aint f***kin wit us stupid a*s ho
lets bust it up on 4
2 (wha)
3 and 4
here we are knockin at your door
now give us the dough
stupid a*s ho

(Master p)
sing the chorus one more time
and nigga stay away from that ho she mine

chorus x8

(Master p)
this s***t some 504 boy s***t
nigga some no limit record
ha ha ha ha
ah ha ha
word up

(snoop dogg)
bow wow wow thas some mutherf***kin s***t
and how
keep it korupt

musïc fade
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