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Song Lyrics >> 0 >> ## >> 22 Pistepirkko >> Wild billy

22 Pistepirkko - Wild billy lyrics

hey hey hey mambo you're the host of a hounted home
hey hey hey mambo you ought to go
I don't want you here around

hey hey hey sister
my my only sister
I'm ready for the race

hey hey sister
my only sister
I'm ready for the fade

I can't hit you easy,
I don't care what you do to him

hey hey wild billy
you're too old baby
I don't miss you at all

hey hey wild billy
you ought to go
yes with your sugar and coal

hey hey suppertime
with a strobelight
my ears are broken in two

why can't they hurt themselves oh no
oh why I sold my soldïer coat, I don't know, I don't know
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